AV Case studies:


A typical night club design for the UK's leading night club owner.

The basic concept was to integrate video throughout the venue for information and advertising as well as theme enhancing usage of video. The use of video was to be as important as the music and lighting on the dance floor. The focus of the main dance area was a suspended ring with a 360° video projection facing the dance floor.

The video ring projection was created using 14 projectors linked to a DJ controlled matrix. This enabled the user to chose the appropriate output to the projection ring, including multiple different sources to appear simultaneously.

Additional video output to various projectors and flat panel displays throughout the venue was achieved through the use of passive video baluns. The baluns helped reduce the cost, as inexpensive cabling (CAT5) could be used, with the benefit of reduce interference. This video included video projection to areas to enhance the themed styling or create "virtual Windows". The additional video was supplied via solid state media players, again linked via a matrix, so choice of source could be decided by local management.

The entire system was controlled via a Phillips Pronto. With this method of control the manager could fine tune the venue throughout an operating night. With control over almost all systems within the venue, for example the manager could choose the colour of the room's LED lighting, the music source and what video screens were displaying.

All systems were connected at the main AV rack in a secure location and connected via WiFi to the Pronto.

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