My Interests:

I have a wide range of interests ranging from watching films, creating art to building robots.

I spend most of my spare time as I do at work, being creative. I'm either honing my skills with a new After Effects technique or touching up photos. Another guilty pleasure is playing computer games enjoying the graphics and story line and either applaud or critique it.

Movies are my passion and love all genres of cinema. I love it so much I recreate the "Movie Experience" at home and have merged my graphics skills to create CGI flowing cinema curtains and other intros for the pre-movie fun just like when we were kids.

As a keen follower of "new tech" and gadgets I am always on top of the latest gizmo or new online trend and cutting edge break through in technology based sciences. With an interest in high tech inevitably led me interests to electronics and robotics.

In spare time I have spent the last few years creating a robot. I have gained many new skill as a result and a new appreciation for "real world" construction and prototyping building. Surprisingly there is a large worldwide group of similar minded people, of which I am an active part of a U.K. group with regular meeting both on and off line with the local and worldwide groups.


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